Scientia est Potentia

Salutations, reader.

If you are reading this, you are willing to participate in another trial. Welcome, all! Prepare to engross yourselves in a bit of extensive investigating, contestants. To be a part of this befuddling game, you need nothing more than to play by the rules, anyone who does not abide by them will be disqualified from the game until next time. I bid you all good luck, and may the best mind win (all fandoms welcome). 


  1. There will be no hints from this point forward. Hints make things too easy for you, players. Get used to it, it’s what makes you dig. That’s what I want, for all of you to actually look and not just skim.

  2. Once you think you have an answer, you may submit it here. You are allowed to submit as many guesses as you wish; you will be told if it is correct or incorrect privately. The winner will be determined by the first correct answer sent in. The correct answer is determined by the most accurate guess corresponding to the puzzle’s final answer. 

  3. The game is not over until a winner is announced. There is only one correct answer and only one winner. 

  4. There is no such thing as cheating- as there is no way to cheat this game, only using your resources and interpreting things better than everyone else.

  5.  There is no physical reward, only the thrill of the game and the pride of winning (as well as obvious bragging rights). You play at your own risk will.